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Welcome to My Keith Primeau Page.  This page will be dedicated to my all time favorite player, Keith Primeau.  I have been a fan of his since 1990, the year that he got drafted by the Detroit Red Wings.

On this page, I will try to give you as much information as I can about his career, his family and his hobbies.  I will also add pictures, videos, articles, stats and all kinds of intersting stuff.

I'm still working on adding more stuff on Keith in the next couple of months, so bare with me if there is some missing links. 

If you have any comment or want to share stories or experiences, please contact me at:


Also, you can let me know what you think of my site by signing my guessbook.  Don't hesitate to give me your feedback.

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Flyers captain Keith Primeau will miss the rest of the season because of lingering symptoms from a concussion four months ago.

Primeau, his voice cracking, said Tuesday this was the best decision for his health. He added that he would be sidelined for the playoffs but did not rule out returning next season, saying he had made progress in his recovery.

"I'm not 100 percent, I'm not symptom free," he said at the Flyers' practice facility. "I will not be able to finish the season. I made the decision in hopes of prolonging my career."

For more on the press conference, you can read the latest article on the Articles section or you can listen to the press conference thru the link below, thanks to or view it thru the link below also, thanks to

February 28, 2006 - Keith Primeau's Press Conference (Audio)Thanks to Philadelphia

February 28, 2006 - Keith Primeau's Press Conference (video) Thanks to Comcast Sportsnet

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