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February 18, 2002 - Winter (Games) of my content

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My Keith Primeau Page

Cheesy announcer: "Keith Primeau, your Flyers have 33 wins and 75 points to lead the Eastern Conference, what are you going to do during the Olympic break?"

Keith Primeau
Keith Primeau and the Flyers are unbeaten vs. Southeast Division opponents this season.
Primeau: "I'm going to Disney World!"

And that's exactly what Keith and his family did. I caught up with Keith while he was appearing at the ESPN Club in Disney. A great place to watch and talk sports and have a good meal. The ESPN Club's entertainment is managed by cast member and huge hockey fan Keith Abbott, so when you go to Disney World in Orlando, make sure you go to the ESPN Club on the Disney Boardwalk. You'll be among hockey friends.

And while your there, maybe Keith Primeau will buy you some cheese fries.

No. 1: It's perfect I'm talking to you at Disney World. The Flyer media guide says you have a huge Mickey Mouse collection.
I'm not sure how it started. I asked my mom about it and she said my nursery was done up in Mickey Mouse, so perhaps it started there. I never collected until I turned professional when I could afford it. Now that I have four kids we come down here annually. I think we're up to six times.

No. 2: You are on pace for just 17 goals this year after a career high 34 last year. How come?
I struggled out of the gate for sure, feeling the after effects of the knee injury I suffered last year. I played extremely hesitant. And then with the new players on the team, it makes us deeper. I haven't played on the first power-play unit and the lines have changed up a bit, so we haven't had time to develop chemistry. But, I'm back playing with
Mark Recchi now.

No. 3: What are your summers like?
We have a summer place north of Toronto. I have a place, my brother has a place and my parents have a place. We built a gym there, so I get up and work out right away and get down by noon. My kids are involved in summer sports and I fish a little. It's real low key and nice.

No. 4: You have three sons and a daughter. Are road games easier on you because of the sleep deprivation and distractions a young family can cause at home?
Definitely road games are different. You get to sleep in later and you're in bed earlier. You don't wake up in the middle of the night. At home you have real family problems and issues. I wouldn't change it for the world, but it does make it more difficult at home.

No. 5: What has life been like since you were named Flyer captain, replacing Eric Desjardins?
A lot of people think maybe that has been the cause of my numbers dropping, but, that hasn't been it. I haven't changed how I approach the game. I think the reason they were comfortable giving it to me I was kind of in that role of meeting with the media, and I think coach Bill Barber is comfortable talking with me on the team issues we have to deal with.

No. 6: You played pretty well for Team Canada at the last Olympics in Nagano. Is it difficult watching right now instead of playing?
It is to a certain extent. I understand how the process is set up. People felt that
Mark Messier should have been there in '98 instead of me. I didn't have the kind of start this year to help myself or impress the management staff picking the team.

No. 7: Is there a pregame song you guys play in the locker room before games?
I don't know the name of it, but
Jeremy Roenick plays a lot of DISCO. He's a good fit for us. We heard a lot about his personalities, but they have proven to be fallacies. He comes to the rink to play every night.

No. 8: What's your favorite part of Disney World?
I really like MGM studios. My wife and the kids like Magic Kingdom and I know my wife's favorite ride is "It's A Small World After All," so we always have to hit that. I like "Tower Of Terror." My six year old is excited because she's going on it for the first time tomorrow.