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March 18, 2004 - Primeau dizzy but optimistic

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Primeau dizzy but optimistic

PHILADELPHIA (CP) - Flyers captain Keith Primeau remains out after five weeks of recovery from a severe concussion.

``At times, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and then I get recurring symptoms,'' Primeau told the Philadelphia Inquirer. ``I am looking forward to getting back to playing and I finally think it is getting closer.''

His only symptom is the spinning sensation in his head. On Monday, he said he was ``spinning like crazy'' and he wasn't even exercising.

``I can have spinning during normal conversations with people,'' he said. ``Even on the ice, I know it is there. Physically, I feel good on the ice and that adds to the frustration. But by the afternoon, my symptoms reappear.''

Primeau said he has felt awkward by not being around the team over the last month. As captain, he said, he's supposed to be ``in the loop.''

``It's really discouraging,'' he said. ``We had a lot of faces change in the last couple of weeks and you don't feel part of it.''

He is also frustrated that he has been unable to give coach Ken Hitchcock a time line for his return.

``He asks every day,'' Primeau said. ``I have been frustrated at times with him, the doctors, the whole scenario.''