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April 25, 2006 - Contrary to some reports, Primeau won't play in Game 3

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Contrary to some reports, Primeau won't play in Game 3

Knight Ridder Newspapers

His fifth-overtime goal in Pittsburgh turned a series around in 2000. His spectacular play carried the Flyers to within a game of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004.

As he has proved often during his Philadelphia tenure, where Keith Primeau goes in the playoffs, so go the Flyers. That's why no one should be surprised if they wind up joining him on the sideline before he has a chance to rejoin them.

Although media speculation and optimistic medical reports might indicate otherwise, Primeau is not on the verge of returning to the Flyers on Wednesday night as they try to prepare for Game 3 of a conference quarterfinal series run amok against the Buffalo Sabres.

Having spent almost all season on the sideline dealing with the effects of a concussion suffered six months ago, Primeau was pushing hard this week in an effort to join the club, if not in time for Game 3 then perhaps for Friday's fourth game.

While Primeau was in Philadelphia keeping an appointment with a neurologist on Tuesday, it was revealed that he again was suffering from post-concussion symptoms.

"There's not going to be a surprise comeback by Keith Primeau, to my knowledge," Flyers chairman Ed Snider said. "It would be the biggest surprise in the world to me."

According to Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin, Primeau participated in a somewhat physical practice Monday morning and suffered from a headache that night.

"Is it a little bit of a setback for him? Absolutely," McCrossin said.

Regarding Primeau's status, McCrossin added: "I don't think it's going to dramatically change for Friday."