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April 17, 2006 - Flyers Notes | Trainer in no rush to clear Primeau

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Flyers Notes | Trainer in no rush to clear Primeau

Flyers Notes

Keith Primeau continues to practice hard every day with the Flyers. And he continues to experience minor concussion symptoms.

Yesterday, trainer Jim McCrossin emphatically stated that he would not give Primeau medical clearance to return to play until the former captain was totally free of concussion symptoms.

"Would you?" McCrossin said. "No, I can't... . To be fair to our medical staff and Keith, if you have symptoms you can't go back and play. There is always next year. It's not fair to Keith, the team or his family."

McCrossin said the medical staff, not the player, had the final say.

"If we feel going back would be detrimental to that player's health, I'm not going to put you back," McCrossin said. "That's my livelihood. That's my license."

Primeau said he still had symptoms during and after practices. He also said he had promised his wife, Lisa, he would not jeopardize his health.

"It's too dangerous," Primeau said. "When I took on this challenge, I promised my family I wouldn't play unless I was 100 percent."