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April 14, 2006 - Primeau Continuing to Practice; Will Not Play

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Primeau Continuing to Practice; Will Not Play

Flyers center says he is not 100 percent

Flyers center Keith Primeau continued to practice with the team on Friday, but will not attempt to come back for the playoffs.

Below are Primeau's comments made after practice.

How did you feel today?
Keith Primeau: “Not bad. Well enough again to participate in practice but no real consistency in how I feel so I just continue to plug on.”

Where are you on a daily basis?
KP: "My afternoons end up being pretty good. The first thing in the morning when I wake up and when I first get on the ice and that first part of practice I guess I just get comfortable and work my way through it. Today is not a great day for me, but I’ll rest this afternoon and try again tomorrow.”

Will you try to play at all?
KP: “No. I can’t. It’s just too dangerous. Besides that, when I took on this challenge I promised my family that I wouldn’t play unless I was 100 percent. I just don’t think I’m capable unless I’m 100 percent, either. I’m aware of it, and if I’m aware of it that means it’s not yet right.”