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April 12, 2006 - Flyers Notes | Primeau remains unable to return

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Flyers Notes | Primeau remains unable to return

Flyers Notes

Although Keith Primeau skated again in practice yesterday with the Flyers, he admitted afterward that he feels much the same as he did during the 2004 Eastern Conference finals against Tampa Bay - still suffering from post-concussion symptoms.

"It's probably real similar to how I felt during that playoff run," Primeau said of playing that spring after suffering multiple concussions, including one in that series. "That doesn't make it right, playing through [a concussion] that last time.

"I kind of understand it now... . I would say [the feeling is] pretty comparable to what I felt that spring."

Primeau said while he felt well enough to skate, he continues to have some vision problems on the ice along with bouts of light-headedness, both of which are concussion symptoms.

"Where I am at on the ice is I still have light-headedness," the center said. "My vision, which was corrected, started to bother me the last few days. I know what it is. We're trying to correct it.

"That's really it. During the day, I feel functional and normal. On the ice, I still feel a little bit disconnected from my head, and that is where the danger lies."

Primeau has not played since Oct. 28 because of post-concussion syndrome.