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April 15, 2006 - Primeau says return to lineup dangerous

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Primeau says return to lineup dangerous

Flyers center still has vision problems from concussions

Special to The News Journal

PHILADELPHIA -- Center Keith Primeau has not completely given up hope of returning to the Flyers during the playoffs, but he said Friday his progress has not been as significant as he had anticipated.

"It's just too dangerous," he said about returning to the lineup while still experiencing some post-concussion symptoms. "Besides that, when I took on this challenge, I promised my family I wouldn't play unless I was a hundred percent. I just don't think I'm capable of a hundred percent. I'm aware of it, and if I'm aware of it, it's just not right."

Primeau, 34, has not played since removing himself from the lineup on Oct. 28 with concussion symptoms. Those symptoms have waned in recent months, but he said he still has vision problems on the ice and immediately following strenuous workouts.