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February 7, 2006 - Primeau said to be aiming for comeback from injury

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Primeau said to be aiming for comeback from injury

Knight Ridder Newspapers

After being examined for the last two days by a Toronto chiropractor, Keith Primeau is expected to come home on Wednesday. Apparently, the Flyers' center is not yet ready to call an end to his season because of continued post-concussion symptoms.

"Right now, the position is that he's still waiting to see about it," Primeau's agent, Don Reynolds, said on Tuesday. "He is making his own mind up on this."

Primeau, who has not played since suffering a concussion Oct. 28, decided to visit a chiropractor in an effort to relieve pain and pressure in his neck.

"Keith said it went real well," Reynolds said. "He's doing everything he can to get back."

Primeau could not be reached for comment.

In a statement on the Flyers' Web site Monday, Primeau said he had been told by Flyers medical officials that his best course of action would be to "forgo playing this year and continue my rehab in hopes of returning in September."

But Primeau said he wanted to go another route, describing his visit to Toronto as "checking with one more specialist in a different field in the hopes that we can try to find anything else that we may have missed."

"He sounded very positive and upbeat to me" on Tuesday, Reynolds said. "Throughout several months of not playing, he's been a very mature, responsible guy and a self-motivated person."

Reynolds said he did not know what treatment the chiropractor had prescribed. One possibility is that Primeau was seeking a form of soft-tissue massage therapy that was developed by Colorado chiropractor Michael Leahy.

Longtime NHL star Gary Roberts credited the therapy with saving his career. Roberts had serious neck problems and missed the 1996-97 season. He considered retirement after two neck operations failed to correct his dizzy spells.

But Roberts, now with the Florida Panthers, was able to return shortly after the treatment.

Primeau said he played through concussion symptoms during a marvelous playoff performance in 2004 and continued suffering symptoms through the NHL lockout.

Reynolds said that even if Primeau sat out the season, he could return for the playoffs. He said current rules stipulate that Primeau's salary would not count against the cap.

In an interview on Comcast SportsNet on Tuesday, Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock said, "I miss him a lot. He's a great leader and a great player for us. But we have to move along.

"If he came back this year, great. If he doesn't ... hopefully, he can come back next year."