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May 21, 2004 - McKenzie: Primeau, Gagne & Markov shine

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McKenzie: Primeau, Gagne & Markov shine

I'm awe-struck by the performance Keith Primeau's putting on in these playoffs. Shift after shift, game after game, he's doing it all.

Prior to Game 6, coach Ken Hitchcock said that he fully expected Primeau to show up, but needed someone else to come up big and that someone else was Simon Gagne. Gagne scored the first goal of the game as well as the overtime winner while Primeau lit it up, getting two goals and two assists.

A guy like Flyers defenceman Danny Markov isn't going to get the publicity that Primeau or Gagne gets but he stood tall for the Flyers in Game 6. Markov was a plus-4, which gives him a plus-17 for the entire Stanley Cup playoffs. Plus-17 in 17 games is far and away the best in the league and we all know the trials and tribulations he's gone through - his history of injuries and the currently decimated defence corps in Philadelphia.

The overtime was a joy to behold. Every time Primeau was on the ice, you got the sense that something good for the Philadelphia Flyers was going to happen. Much like Hitchcock stated earlier, he expected a guy like Gagne to go from being a good player to someone who had greatness in him. In Game 6, Gagne stepped it up a level - what a joy to watch.