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November 12, 2005 - Injured Primeau wants Gagne to wear 'C'

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Injured Primeau wants Gagne to wear 'C'


VOORHEES - Simon Gagne has been reluctant to fill in as Flyers captain while Keith Primeau recovers from a concussion.

But the time may be coming when Gagne has no choice.

The Flyers are feeling some pressure from on-ice officials to have a designated captain to resolve issues that take place on the ice.

Primeau, out since Oct. 30 but reportedly feeling better, said he endorses giving Gagne the "C.''

"The team needed to designate someone because of the league's rules regarding on-ice situations,'' Primeau said Friday.

"Hitch (coach Ken Hitchcock) felt Gags earned that right. But in talking to Simon, he was uncomfortable with it and he said others didn't like the idea of going with a replacement just now, which I appreciated.

"But I told Simon we needed a representative during the game and he should take (the captaincy). He was adamant not to do it. We've been able to sidestep it for now [with the league] but I don't know how much longer we can?"

Primeau hasn't been able to do much other than rest but he sounds optimistic.

"I'm feeling better and I continue to make progress, which is good,'' he said.