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November 1, 2005 - Primeau out with concussion symptoms

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Primeau out with concussion symptoms
The Flyers captain will miss at least a week before being retested.

Of The Morning Call

Keith Primeau is out indefinitely with concussion symptoms. That's the latest prognosis from Flyers team trainer Jim McCrossin.

''When he lies down, he feels like he is spinning and he also said his eyes feel busy,'' McCrossin said. ''He may be focusing, but his eyes are going back and forth and they get fatigued.''

It's been six days since since the Flyers' captain took an elbow to the head courtesy of Montreal Canadiens winger Alexander Perezhogin. Less than 24 hours after the hit, Primeau declared he was fine and was actually encouraged by taking such a hard hit and not feeling any ill effects.

But according to reports, toward the end of last week Primeau started getting the same symptoms he had when he suffered a concussion in the middle of the 2004 season.

''I've been lethargic the last couple days and it's gotten worse,'' Primeau told the Philadelphia Inquirer. ''It's a lot of similar symptoms from the last time. Headaches and pressure. I don't feel right. I feel lethargic. It's not good.''

Primeau played in the two games following the Montreal contest, but sat out Sunday night's game in Ottawa. Monday, he was examined by Dr. Gary Dorshimher and team neurologist Gerri McGinnis at Jefferson University Hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a concussion — no grade was given — and has whiplash symptoms.

At this point, Primeau is only allowed ''to take some walks,'' according to McCrossin. No date is set for his return.

NHL protocol stipulates that once a player has been diagnosed with a concussion, a seven-day waiting period begins before he can be re-tested, according to Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock.

McCrossin wouldn't speculate on whether Primeau has suffered any long-term damage, nor would he comment on how many concussions a player can suffer and still continue to play in the NHL.

''That's a tough one to answer,'' McCrossin said. ''Each and every one of them are different. What level they were. The grade [of the] concussions.

''Going back to the year 2004, if [Primeau] had three then, this is his fourth or fifth,'' McCrossin continued. ''We have to look at the symptoms. Each of the concussions Keith had, the symptoms were delayed.''

Primeau is the team's sixth-leading scorer with one goal and six assists.

Johnnson update: Defenseman Kim Johnnson is listed as day-to-day after suffering a groin pull in the first period of Sunday's game. The Flyers are hopeful he can return for Thursday's game against the Washington Capitals.