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September 19, 2005 - Team Building Moves to Boathouse Row

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Team Building Moves to Boathouse Row

Flyers experience rowing on the Schuylkill River

Flyers Head Coach Ken Hitchcock, always looking to provide his players with different team building exercises, took the team to the Schuylkill River on Sunday to go rowing along Boathouse Row.

For pictures from the day, click here.

Here are some thoughts from Hitchcock,
Keith Primeau and Chris Therien.

Ken Hitchcock
“It was tough on the boys yesterday. The major reason, I thought which had a lot of success, I think it was really evident when we introduced each other we had a difficult time telling which country they were from, where they played junior, what their background was. We had a lot of players who didn’t know each other. The combination of that and injuries on key players who weren’t around the team, yesterday was a really good function. I’ve always felt like the only way you can get your team together, is put them in a different atmosphere or sometimes an uncomfortable atmosphere, where it’s foreign to them, and they don’t know anything that’s going on. They don’t know collectively what’s going on, and they have to communicate. That’s what we did yesterday. The players had a few blisters and sore backs or whatever, but nothing that prevented anyone from practicing today.

Keith Primeau
“We all knew what the intention was and the purpose for going out in the boats. We all enjoyed it. The way the day was set up, we thought we were going for a 30-minute warm up ride, get used to it, come back in for lunch and go back out and then race back. Well, we went out for an hour and 45 minutes and finally got back, there wasn’t a guy on the team who wasn’t complaining about his hands or his back or his legs. Hitch did accomplish what he was trying to do, and that was to understand about getting on the same page. It ended up being a great afternoon.”

Chris Therien
“It was pretty interesting, and it was really fun. We came out with some blisters and some sore backs, but it was a beautiful day and a nice day to be down by the river hanging out with your buddies.”