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August 23, 2005 - Keith Primeau Q and A

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Keith Primeau Q and A

Flyers captain discusses revamped roster and concussion recovery

Flyers center Keith Primeau recently returned to the area and has started working out and skating with other players at the Flyers' training facility in Voorhees, NJ. Below is a transcript of a Q and A with the Flyers' captain.

To hear the original audio of the interview, click here.

On how excited he is to get the season underway:
“Really excited, for lots of different reasons. First and foremost, the fact that we missed an entire season last year and were unable to do what we enjoy and love to do. That was the most difficult part. Next, would be all of the new faces and the great players that we brought into the dressing room in the hopes of helping us win a championship.”

On how he thinks Bob Clarke and the front office did in making the acquisitions:
“The one thing about Clarkie is he’s always going to give us an opportunity. For me, that was one of the biggest deciding factors when I re-signed a year ago. As a player, there’
Keith Primeau
s no better feeling than being a part of an organization or franchise that is willing to go that distance and give you a chance to win. He’s done it again.”

On replacing Jeremy Roenick with Peter Forsberg:
“Jeremy was a good player for us for the three years that he was here. He was always colorful and was always quotable. He’ll be missed, but at the same time we all know Peter’s track record and just exactly what he brings to the table. As much as J.R. will be missed, Peter will replace that and bring a lot to the locker room.”

On what he did to stay in shape during the work stoppage:
“I was at the gym five days a week. Once they cancelled the season, back in February, I stopped skating until about four weeks ago. Physically and mentally my body hasn’t felt this good in a long time. For me, it was somewhat of a blessing in that I still had those concussion symptoms for a long time, post-playoffs. Although I would have tried skating in camp last year, I probably wouldn’t have been ready to go. So, the time off for me has been a real blessing, but now I feel 100 percent and I’m ready to go.”

On his post-concussion symptoms:
“As I said, it took a long time to subside. I would only say I’ve been symptom free in the last three or four months. If you go back three or four months, that’s probably May, or April at the earliest. That would have been an entire season. As I said, I’ve been feeling great the last three or four months. My workouts have been strong, and I’m just really excited about the year.

“I would say my cardio is where I want it to be. Strength-wise, I don’t know if I’ve been stronger, but I’d rather be strong this time of year and have the next four or five weeks to build up my conditioning. We all know once we get on the ice, Hitch will put us through our paces.”