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November 14, 2004 - Mother is angry

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

NHL: Notebook

Mother is angry

Keith Primeau and his brother Wayne aren't bringing up this labor issue around their mother during family dinners.

It sounds like she isn't in favor of the players in this labor dispute.

"I take abuse from my mother about these labor issues, and this is a woman who has two sons in pro hockey," Keith Primeau said.

"If I can't convince my mom about the issues, how do I explain them to the fans who work their hands to the bone in their various jobs every day?" Primeau said.

"I understand that with the money we make, it would be asinine to suggest to the average worker that there is a problem with money. But this (labor dispute) is about much more than dollars. I just wish people knew the intricacies involved," Primeau said.

Primeau points to the number of charity games NHLPA members are putting on as evidence players aren't cash-grabbing people.

"Games like this are going on all across Canada and the U.S.," Primeau said. "It's a wonderful forum for us to use our status to showcase the game and support good causes."