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November 8, 2004 - Not much has changed since Moose IHL days

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Shootout rearing its ugly head
Not much has changed since Moose IHL days
By ADAM WAZNY -- Winnipeg Sun

THE LAST, LAST ONE: With the final game for the Moose at the Winnipeg Arena comes a variety of notable lasts that will forever be marked down in Winnipeg hockey history alongside Norm MacIver (last Jets goal) and Keith Primeau (last NHL goal).

Last Moose goal: Nathan Smith at 5:58 of the third period.

Last Moose assist: Kirill Koltsov. His slapshot rebounded off the pads of Grizzlies goaltender David LeNeveu right to Smith.

Last AHL goal (regulation time): Randall Gelech, Utah at 13:50 of the third.

Last shootout goal: Jeff Taffe, Utah.

Last penalty: Co-incidental unsportsmanlike conduct minors to Utah's Jon Sim and Winnipeg-native Lee Goren at 2:12 of the third.